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Born in Pembrokeshire, West Wales in 1978, photography has been a passion of mine since an early age. I have had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember, encouraged by my father Ken, a keen amateur photographer for nearly 40 years.

My images are representations of my love of perfection, which transports viewers into a dynamic, richly saturated and astonishing new world. My affinity with light and ability to transform mundane, confusing and complex features into orderly uniquely styled compositions is the secret to creating these ethereal images.

Imagination is often the starting point where new compositions are envisaged and subsequently translated into reality through the medium of photography. In my work I try to break the traditional rules of photography and shatter many preconceived convictions surrounding the artisitc merit of the medium.

I often harness the last glimmers of twilight within extremely long shutter exposures, and I am frequently to be found at dawn or dusk out on location at remote and inaccessible rocky foreshores or outcrops, perched precariously, in the search for "perfect light and composition".

I have no formal training in photography; at university I have previously studied "Mineral Surveying, Geography, History" and finally obtained a Masters Degree in Environmental Education. Part of my work for my Masters, involved monitoring and photographing butterflies on the Castlemartin Army Training Range, a project which resulted in a feature-length article in the Ministry of Defence's annual Conservation magazine, 'Sanctuary 2004'

Today my work continues to evolve and my portfolio is rapidly growing.